New Stamps of Danmark

Centenary of the Little Mermaid

\"danmarkOn 23 August 2013, it will be exactly 100 years to the day since the statue of the Little Mermaid first graced the rocks at Langelinie in Copenhagen. Ever since then, she has looked out over the city, wistfully gazing at the human world she dreams of joining.Just beforethe actual centenary, Post Danmark is issuing a stamp featuring the world-renowned sculpture, which welcomes thousands upon thousands of tourists to Copenhagen Harbour every year. the stamp, which is based on a photograph, was drawn and engraved by Martin Morck.During her long life, teh staue of the Little Mermaid has been vandalised several times. She has lost her head twice – once it never reappeared, the other time it was reattached after it was foung in a car park.

Technical Details Issue Date: 27.05.2013 Designer: Post Danmark Stamps/ Per Ingemann
Printer: Martin Morck Process: Intaglio/offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 29 x 33mm Values: DKK14.50

Danish Rock

\"danishAs a tribute to Danish rock music, Post Danmark is issuing two stamps drawn by the musician and visual artist Kasper istrup. One of them features the iconic guitar plays as the frontman of Kashmir. The colourful fields in the background graphically evoke the music that flows out of the instrument. The second stamp portrays the atmosphere at a gig, with the enthusiastic shouts of the audience represented by the brightly coloured background.

Rock festivals have been an integral part of Danish popular culture fro decades. Every year, Danes and foreigners alike flock to the many outdoor festivals to sea and hear both world-famous and less well-known bands. They go to enjoy the music and soak up the atmosphere, but the social side of the festival is also a huge attraction.Roskilde FestivalWith more than 100.000 visitors, the Roskilde Festival is by far the bigges in Northern Europe. This year is the 43rd edition of the festival, which is staged at the Roskilde Show Grounds in lat June/ early July every year. All sorts of styles and genres are represented, but rock music dominates.

Technical Details Issue Date: 27.05.2013 Designer: Post Danmark Stamps/ Ella Clausen Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colour Size: 29 x 39 mm Values: DKK8.00

Save the Children

\"saveThe 2013 charity stamp supports Save the Children, which fights for children\’s right to care, security and protection. The motif, which features the silhouette of a girl, is made up of crisscrossing words in different colours. If you study it under a magnifying glass, you will see that the words tell a child\’s story.Profits from the stamp will support Save the Children\’s work to combat violence against children. Since 1986, the surcharge on charity stamps has been DKK 0.50. In order to raise even more money for charity, Post Danmark has decided to raise the surcharge per stamp to DKK 1.00.Save the Children\’s Work Save the Children, founded in 1945, is the world\’s largest independant children\’s rights organisation, and operates in 120 countries. Its work is based on the UN Children\’s Convention, which aims to ensure that all children have rights on an equal footing with adults.

Technical Details Issue Date: 27.05.2013 Designer: Post Danmark Stamps/ Jakob Monefeldt Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours  Size: 39 x 29 mm Values: 9.00

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