Algeria :New Stamps on Antique Glassware

\"Impression\"The discovery in June 1985 Tipaza a foundry antique glass confirms the existence of glassworks in the region.Objects and glassware are of the most varied forms, they often represent sections, plates and bottles.

Urn Roman glass (blue): blue glass urn. Rumen bulbous bottom broad rounded shoulder on which two handles are supported on either side of the throat. Necropolis from the door of Caesarea Tipaza, I and second centuries.AD 

Urn Roman glass (colorless) urn with handle in colorless glass. Bulbous belly, mouth fringed with lid and concave bottom. Necropolis from the door of Caesarea – Tipaza, I and second centuries. JC.

Roman glass urn (green): urn glass light green hue. Rumen bulbous, rounded shoulder high on which are supported a single loop on each side of the neck. Necropolis from the door of Caesarea – Tipaza, I and second centuries. JC

Designer :: A.KERBOUCHEValue facial : DA 15.00 each  Format : 29 x 43  Perforation : 14  Printer : Printing of the Bank of Algeria .  Printing Process : Offset

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