Turkish Police Seize Four Million Fake British Postage Stamps

\"royalFour million fake British stamps have been seized in Turkey after police raided ten hideouts of a forgery gang.Turkish police detained 11 people in connection with the operation on the European side of Istanbul.The alleged forgers are accused of printing the postage stamps and shipping them to Britain, police said in a statement on Monday. Nine of those detained were sent to court accused of forming a criminal gang to commit forgery. The denomination of the stamps was not immediately clear.

It follows an incident in March where Croatian police busted a forgery gang which printed more than £500,000 in fake pounds and euros. More than £200,000 worth of forged euros and dozens of sheets of counterfeit £50 notes were seized.Police arrested 18 people in raids across five cities and towns in the north of Croatia.

Turkey has one of the world\’s largest markets for fake goods, such as handbags and clothing, and there are also frequent reports of police targeting currency forgers.

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