Micro Study of an Old Used Post Card

By R.K.Mishra

\"oldStamp:-Definitive – Dated:-26-Jan-1955, Worth 3pies on 29.08.55 the Postal tariff of the postcard was 9 pies. The word Halyantra written in Hindi .Halyantra is an attachment of the tractor.  The tractor also seems to be imported. In place of rubber wheel a chain system used .The stamp also shows farm mechanization introduced before 1955. The background of the stamp also reflects agricultural calendar (Krishi Panchang) from the monsoon clouds and tilling the field by tractor.

Perforation:-14×14 ½, Color: – white & purple

\"oldPostcard:-Used for business purpose called formula Post card -Value (not visible), Text (Not visible). The formula Postcards were sold by postal department numbering 16 in one Anna, without stamps. Single Postcards with two lines of text namely Postcard/Address only printed in English. In NEWS bulletin Nov 63 Jal Cooper wrote that blank postal stationary was introduced in 1950.

Cancellation: – P.O Lal Ganj (Rai Bairely). Post office and dist. name Only in Hindi. The date on the Mohar 29.08.55 .The outer line is thinner than Banaras P.O Mohar and the size is smaller than that Banaras P.O.Date of receipt at Banaras city dated 30.08.55.(Distance Covered:-223Km).Time of receipt:-3.30pm.The spelling of Varanasi was the then called as Banaras.

 Back image of P.C.

Address: – The address style is just reverse. The last item city name iswritten on the top as sahar Banaras.  The name of the recipient is on the last.  The style of the writing seems to be very scientific and suitable for sorters at Post Office.The City and Mohallah Translated in English by nib using red ink as highlighter.  

 Text of the Postcard: – Printed firm’s name, Firms logo. The printing also reflect firms dealing in Gillat (Silver+Jasta) and their nature / Type of establishment as general merchant.

 Written Text: – Courtesy writing Jai Hind reflex the patriotic word Jai hind was used among vayapari warg and this slogan is the first Indian postage slogan used in the first Indian stamp 21st Nov 1947 of India. Precise writing about business matter shows skill of drafting .Demand of the Gillat ornaments like lachha and Mahabiri Tabeej seems to be in Fashion / Demand. It also seems that mohallah named katra was main place for these ornaments.  The word ‘PARAD’ means chain. The then weighing scales prevalent inMan/Ser/Chatak. The ornaments were sent in Gianni bag by Parcel / VPP .Safety, Security and Confidence of merchants’ show in Postal Department. The delivery of the Post card was in a day. The running time from Lal Ganj P.O to Varanasi about 223Km @ 9.3Km/h.This needs comparing the claims with Speed Post delivery within 48 hours, when the rail, road and networking of Post Offices were enhanced tremendously.

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4 Responses to Micro Study of an Old Used Post Card

  1. Sudhir Jain says:

    Very good study of interesting old postcard.

  2. RameshChandra says:

    very attractive study about such old issue Post Card a good information for all Lovers of Philately……………With regard Ramesh Channdra..

  3. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Dear Jain, thanks for the observation,This study includes a number of Philatelic in formations and applications,Regards,mishra

  4. Santanu Panigrahi. says:

    Very good study and nice narration.
    Thanks for sharing your findings with us.

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