Taiwan Issued Stamps on Chinese Classic Novel\”Outlaws of the Marsh\”

\"taiwanFirst day of issue:  2013-05-10

 To heighten readers\’ interest in the absorbing \”Outlaws of the Marsh,\” Chunghwa Post is issuing another set of postage stamps following its predecessor issued on April 25, 2012. The stamps feature \” Capturing Daming  Prefecture by  Ruse ,\” \”Heavenly Inscriptions on Stele,\” \”Liangshan Outlaws Granted Imperial Amnesty,\” and \”Successful Expedition against Liao Empire.\”

 The designs follow:

1. Capturing Daming Prefecture by Ruse (NT$5): Song Jiang and the gang of Liangshan Marsh devise a plan to enlist \”Jade Unicorn\” Lu Junyi to join their band of brothers. But Lu and Shi Xiu are captured successively and imprisoned in  Daming  Prefecture . Wu Yong, nicknamed \”Resourceful Star,\” conceives a rescue plan. Under the joint forces of cavalry and foot soldiers, they take over  Daming  Prefecture , and successfully free Lu and Shi.

2. Heavenly Inscriptions on Stele (NT$5): In thanking the gods, Song Jiang hosts a sacrificial offering to the deities. On the seventh evening, a deafening crack explodes from the skies, and a beam of blaze splits the ground. After excavating this area, a stele is revealed with the inscriptions of \”enforcing justice on behalf of Heaven\” and \”loyalty and righteousness.\” The stele also features the rankings of the 36 heavenly spirits and 72 earthly fiends.

3. Liangshan Outlaws Granted Imperial Amnesty (NT$10): Song Jiang longs to be granted imperial amnesty and thus exonerated to contribute to protecting his country. At this time, the northern nation of Liao starts an uprising and Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty sends his Grand Marshall, Su Yuanjing to Liangshan with a decree of general amnesty. At that, the heroes at Liangshan surrender to the imperial court and country in upmost loyalty.

4. Successful Expedition against Liao Empire (NT$25): The Liao Empire in the north sends troops to invade Song. Emperor Huizong sends Song Jiang on an expedition to intercept the intrusion. In the formation, Guan Sheng decapitates Wu Yan Guang, Liao\’s general commander. Song\’s troops win a landslide victory. The Liao Empire surrenders to the imperial Song.

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