Luxembourg Issued Stamp on 150 Years of \’Union Grand-Duc Adolphe\’

\"luxembourgThe UGDA is the national music, folklore and theatre association of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It was founded on 6 September 1863 under the name “Allgemeiner Luxemburger Musikverein” (“Luxembourg General Musical Society”). At the time, HRH Prince Henry of the Netherlands was the honorary chairman of the society. 28 years later, under the patronage of Grand Duke Adolphe, the society changed its name to “Adolfverband” (“Adolphe Association”). In 1946, the UGDA received its present name: “Union Grand-Duc Adolphe”. With over 14,000 active members and 329 affiliated clubs, the UGDA plays a central role in the socio-cultural life of Luxembourg.

Technical Details Issue Date: 12.03.2013 Printer: Multicolored high-resolution Process: Offset Litho Colours: 4 Colours Size: 27.66 x 40.20 mm Values: 1.80

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