Is It Racket to Cheat Philatelists?

\"speedBy Dinbandhu Mahapatra

I have posted it on day of issue for myself with a Rs. 20 stamp.

Anomaly noticed
1. It was delivered to my address in Delhi (which was written in To at front – so delivered correctly) though the sticker at back says it has to go to Chandigarh.
2. Barcode at front and that mentioned in sticker does not match. I have fair idea where the correct back sticker might have gone (all in bcc – please check and let me know if the sticker says the envelope is addressed for Delhi )
3. I have sent it to make it part of my collection – and have used Rs. 20 stamp. When I have received it the stamp was missing – cleanly lifted off? It comes in mind is a racket active to cheat philatelist or by reusing the lifted stamp they want to cheat government? I have no idea.
4. I have posted two to me on same date and time – One was received on Saturday and one still awaited. That is efficiency of speed post – Delhi to Delhi – Kya baat hai.

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7 Responses to Is It Racket to Cheat Philatelists?

  1. ANIL KR PUJARA says:


  2. Santanu Panigrahi. says:

    Really shocking. File a complain to the appropriate authority, so that India post will be aware of the fact.

  3. Dinu says:

    Dear Mr. Panigrahi,
    Thanks for your suggestion to complain – but to whom.
    Unfortunately I am not able to attach some ongoing complaint here inthis post but another Speedpost sent from 110001 to 110019 is untraceable even after 16 days (today)
    Online tracking does not show anything beyond 14/05/2013 and web complaint (with alternate day followup ) has brought no result.
    Irony is – they claim in website if complaint is lodged to then highly professional (??!!!!) customer service representative will help to sort out that issue. This has also gone in vain
    If editor guides me I can send all proof which he may kindly upload it here.

    Please let us all wake up to a real India – really Incredible and shining.
    But with what – that I leave it to reader’s imagination.

  4. Anil Nawlakhe says:

    CHEATING? don’t know. But it is sure case of FAILURE of SERVICES.
    Complaint under Consumer Protection Act can make them to pay at the cost of failure in the service provisions.
    You even don’t need to have advocate for putting your saying. Hope you shall try this case. Best Luck.

  5. Anil Nawlakhe says:

    As a customer you had purchased(contracted) the service of speed post from India Post. If it is not fulfilled in any means it is failure of contract (failure of the service) with the customer. Thus can claim for compesation=the fees paid by you + mental and physical disturbances you had.
    India Post even defines this as
    Speed Post.. the high speed Postal Service:
    …Speed Post provides delivery ‘anywhere in India’ under contractual service. Speed Post offers money-back guarantee, under which Speed Post fee will be refunded if the consignment is not delivered within the published delivery norms.
    to be paid in respect of Domestic Speed Post articles
    For delay – Speed Post charges
    For loss / total theft / total damage – Double of the Speed Post charges or INR. 1000 whichever is less.

  6. SHIV GARG says:

    Dear Mr. Dinbandhu Mahapatra,
    I have gone through your comments under “A racket to cheat philatelists and or the government”. Dear friend this is nothing, at least the department delivered the post, may it be to the genuine sender itself, they could have delivered it even to the third person in New York even. You should thank God, You can post it again to the addressee and this time they may not make an error.
    Dear this is in no way an effort to cheat the philatelists or the Government because this has become a practice now a day and does not come under cheating. Mere twenty rupees is not a big amount if we compare it with the honour of the department. We should keep mum on such matters.
    Regarding your complaint to various authorities to get your grievance redressed, I will just tell you even if you lodge a complaint with the United Nations, nothing will happen. The department or the authorities concerned have developed such a magnificent system to redress the complaints that nobody ever held responsible for any mistake what may be the scale of the mistake. Your complaint will remain on line for some time and t will be removed some day without taking any action/without any intimation to you. Always keep in mind that you are dealing with Indian postal department and your problems will automatically be solved. Just try to bear the same.
    I can let you know many more such happenings (more serious and big mistakes) if you or the Phila-Mirror so desire. Always be patient!

  7. SHIV CHAND GARG says:

    I posted my comments on “Is It Racket to Cheat Philatelists?” today which were visible for some time afterwards too but now it looks nowhere on your site. Sir, if these have been removed, please send me a return mail informing that the same have been removed (no need to assigning the reasons.).

    Thanks ,

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