100 Years of Indian Cinema : What a Wonderful Way to Celebrate ?

By Anil Kr Pujara

Recently I telephoned to one of my Philatelic friends to find out how did he enjoy the function organized by India Post at Vigyan Bhawan for ceremonious release of Set of 50\"cinema\" stamps in the shape of 6 Miniature Sheets. To my surprise, I got the shocking reply from my Philatelic friend who happens to be son of a Renowned Film Personality on whom India Post had recently in the recent past issued a commemorative stamp also. He informed me that he was not even aware that there was a function in this Regard. He informed me that he had come to know about release of set of 50 stamps  by India Post to commemorate the Centenary of India CINEMA but not about the function. The talk continued on this when he made certain revelations which are more shocking in nature n contents. I am tempted to share with all through this forum n I am sure many would love to read the same but based on their own experiences they would not be shocked because INDIA POST is INDIA POST after all. You can’t expect better than this from India Post.

My friend after conversation with me on this issue, telephoned to Mr Raj Babbar who was in Agra to enquire from him whether he attended the function at Vigya Bhawan since his wife SMITA PATIL BABBAR was one of the lucky 50 film personalities who were choosen by India Post to feature on one of the 50 stamps going to be released by them. To his utter surprise, he was informed by Raj Babbar that he was not even aware that a Commemorative Stamp was being released by India Post on his wife.

My friend, out of sheer anxiety, telephoned to Prateek Babbar to find out his Status since his mother SMITA PATIL was being featured on one of the Commemorative stamps. Any guess what reply came from Prateek Babbar? Yes u  all r right in ur guess. He also enjoyed the same status n no better than his father. No knowledge to him also about the stamp or the function.

Husband and Son (who themselves happened to be associated with films n Cinema) of that Film Personality who is being honoured by India Post(What a Great Honour by Great Institution called INDIA POST) that too when Husband of that Personality happens to be a Political Personality of the Political Party supporting the Ruling Party are being given such a treatment.

Dont think that the matter ends here. My friend again telephoned to another close relatives of B R Chopra( Raj Chopra Brother of B R Chopra) who was in Delhi only on that fateful day when Stamp Release Function was being held in Delhi informed my friend that he is not even aware about the same. He further informed that even Late B R Chopras immediate family (His son’s n wife) were also not aware about these Honours being conferred on Late B R Chopra.

WONDERFUL! GRAET INDIA POST REALLY GREAT. We all Humble Philatelists SALUTE the officials at the helm of the affairs n decided to organize the function/ decided to release set of 50 stamps to honour the 50 PERSONALITIES IN A HALFHAZZERED MANNER having all personalities mixed up in an irrational manner n Boucher as I understand not having mention of even a single name out of those 50 PERSONALITIES HAVING PERSONA WORTH FEATURING ON A COMMAMORATIVE STAMP which is considered to be a PAPER AMBASSODAR of the SO CALLED CULTURE(AGRICULTURE) of THE NATION

Why so much debate n controversy that so n so film personality has been ignored, so n so film personality could not make it to the list of those 50s or not given recognition or could  not find place in lucky 50. Why so much fuss on this TRIVIAL issue?

To make the matters clear let me share the name of my Philatelic friend is Sh. Latit Nahata n name of his father on whom India Post had released a commemorative stamp is Late Harak Chand Nahata.


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12 Responses to 100 Years of Indian Cinema : What a Wonderful Way to Celebrate ?

  1. hemant kumar jain says:

    dear sir,
    please used normal fonts for easy viewing..current fonts are bold & not appropriate for batter seeing. i hope you change accordingly..

  2. Dinu says:

    What a state of affair. Great/
    Why to organise a function at all.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Santanu Panigrahi. says:

    India Post Officials are the main reason for such whimsical act. They are yet to understand how to execute a successful programme. Example is INDIPEX 2011 where Mahatma Gandhi Khadi MS was sold without presentation pack for 2 –3 hours and then abruptly stopped and later sold in different counter of the country. So, it can be said that due to the faulty policy of the officials the whole system of Philately in India is victim of mismanagement. God save the hobby.

  4. Dheeraj Kapoor says:

    Respected Pujaraji,
    Thanks for sharing this with us
    What a heartless way of doing things
    What a(n) (un)ceremonious way of (dis)honouring stalwarts

  5. Sudhir Jain says:

    Is there any law that Inia Post should take approval /rmission from the nearest relative of the person on whome they are proposing to release a stamp?


    How about a series of stamps on wall-posters of iconic movies
    Barsat, Mughal-e-Azam, Mother India, Shree-420, Guide, Bawarchi,
    Sholay etc.

  7. ATUL JAIN says:

    Dear Pujara ji
    Aap ka lekh India post ko sochane me majboor karega.unko aapni karya shaili me sudhar karna hi padhega.aap ki bhasha sahaj aur saral hai aap ke lekh bahut rochak aur sargarbhit hote hai.aap ke agle lekh ka intjar rahega.

  8. Rishi says:

    What is the point the writer to the article is trying to strike home.

    Best, the writer may clarify.

  9. Dr Pradeep jain says:

    we should not be surprized by this story as here nothing is new,nothing is extraordinary,nothing is unexpected from our respectable GOVT . machinery.If they have atleast released about 200 pieces of Sample MS on their scheduled date,in presence of atleast few respectable guests,we should salute our postal officers for this timely release that too without any charges of corruption,not postponing for next year or cancelling the idea.So………………………………………
    B +ve ,be optimistic for our lovely,beautiful, attractive stamps and King’s Hobby………

  10. Dinu says:

    Dear Rishiji,
    The write up is in a bit Satirical. mocking, ironic way of pointing oout the wrong doing and crazyness of Indiapost Babudom – If I could get the drift.

    Did I understand correctly?

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