Silver Proof Coin and Stamp Set for Australia’s First Banknote

\"australiaA new one ounce Silver Proof Coin and Stamp Set from the Perth Mint and Australia Post celebrates the 100th anniversary of Australia’s first banknote.

The first Australian currency banknote, the ten shilling denomination, is depicted in color on the reverse of the silver poof coin, which is shaped like a note. The banknote was first produced in May 1913 based on the old British system, with other denominations from £1 to £1,000 followed in years 1913 – 1915.

As a joint Perth Mint and Australia Post set, included with the coin are two stamps with denominations of 60c and $2.60. The 60c stamp depicts a portrayal of the official note numbering ceremony in 1913 while the $2.60 stamp depicts the Australian Coat of Arms as it appeared on the first banknote.\"australia

Those interested in purchasing a 100th Anniversary of Australia’s First Banknote 1oz Silver Proof Coin and Stamp Set may do so directly from the Perth Mint of Australia (

Initial pricing is listed at AUS $100.00, or US $102.54. Pricing is subject to change based on the market conditions of silver.

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