eBay Ban Stamps and Coins from North Korea

There’s a seller of stamps in the quiet seaside village of Saltdean who’s fallen foul of the \"northNorth Korean nuclear weapons row.As a stamp seller he’s been banned from selling stamps from North Korea and according to a local  newspaper, received the following message from eBay:

eBay’s policy prohibits the sale of most items that originate from North Korea due to sanctions enforced by the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. Therefore, as of April 9 2013, eBay will no longer allow listings for stamps, coins or paper money from North Korea.

There’s two sides to this – firstly eBay will naturally claim to be a US company, have their hands tied, and have to toe the US Government’s demands. The other is that if someone has a few stamps and wish to sell them, then why shouldn’t they?

Do the US Government really have the right to determine whether a seller on the South Coast of England can or can’t sell a few stamps – probably not, that would be down to the UK authorities to enforce. The answer is probably that the US Government can’t tell you not to trade in North Korean stamps, just not on a website owned by a company with a US based parent.

If you are a philatelist and want to boost your collection of stamps from North Korea, hop onto eBay quick and buy any missing from your collection –  ebay has over 5000 North Korean stamps listed at the time of writing but who knows when eBay will start cancelling the listings.(Source-tamebay.com)

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2 Responses to eBay Ban Stamps and Coins from North Korea

  1. vinayak awate says:

    Postal Authority made a mistake by issuing 50 stamps on CINEMA 100YEARS. AT a one time. They could have issued 4 to 6 stamps every month which could have given some different value. Is it possible for every collector to collect every month. It is expected that Govt to encourage the hobby & not revenue there are many ways for revenue. Also my stamp concept also going to DISCOURAGE the PHILATELY Which will be realized in near future.

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