Jersey Post Issues Red Cross Stamps

\"jerseyStamps marking the 150th anniversary of the International Red Cross movement are being issued by Jersey Post.The stamps are being released in time for Liberation Day on 9 \"jerseyMay, the anniversary of the day Jersey was liberated from Nazi occupation.Melanie Gouzinis from Jersey Post said the stamps reflected some of the aspects of work undertaken by the Red Cross.During the occupation islanders received aid from the organisation.One of the stamps will feature the SS Vega, the Red Cross ship that brought much needed food supplies to the island towards the end of the occupation.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement provides protection and assistance to people affected by disasters and conflicts.Wednesday, the day the stamps will be released, is officially World Red Cross Day.

Mrs Gouzinis said: \”The stamps have been illustrated to reflect some of the different aspects of work undertaken by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement around the globe.\”During the Occupation of Jersey from 1940 to 1945, islanders experienced first-hand the life-saving efforts of the Red Cross and the stamp subjects were as relevant then as they are today.The stamps feature various aspects of the work carried out by the red cross movement\”The stamps are presented in sheets of 10, each one with a different border illustrated according to Jersey\’s own association with the Red Cross.\”

During the Occupation, the Red Cross postal message system kept Channel Islanders in touch with their relatives and the Red Cross ship SS Vega delivered food parcels.Following the Allied Invasion of Normandy, supplies to the island were cut off with many islanders close to starvation.

The arrival of the SS Vega into the harbour at St Helier with much needed supplies at the end of 1944 has been illustrated on the miniature sheet.

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