NEW STAMPS:100 Years of Indian Cinema

By Anil Kr.Pujara











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5 Responses to NEW STAMPS:100 Years of Indian Cinema

  1. Sudhir Jain says:

    Good. Thanks.

  2. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Mr Pujara you have done good job of bringing images of the stamps
    for philatelists,notification has been made about the availability,start
    doing home work of the frame work please find the image of F.D.C. and get an another thanks.

  3. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Sorry i have seen the F.D.C ,A LOT OF THANKS

  4. K.VENKATA RAO says:

    Where is the stamp of Ghazal King Talat Mehmood ?

  5. Anil Nawlakhe says:

    Here I put together feelings of some INDIANS about about 100 yrs celebration from
    Please go to original comments for more clearance
    1.The celebration is to mark 100 years of cinema. When it is not possible to include even some of the important personalities responsible for the cinema what is use of bringing out so many’s stamps? The set should be comprehensive enough to trace the history of cinema for the past 100 years. In that case instead of personalities they should have included major films. Selected films should have been depicted in the stamp and in the Miniature sheet. They could have issued 50 Miniature sheet with 50 stamps carrying 50 films. It would have been more appropriate. ..
    About the designing also as usual there is nothing innovative. Match box labels are much much more innovative in design and execution. Many of our stamps remind us the labels on beedi rolls. It is pity that the designing is not handed over to some professional designers. Will our department of Post wake up and see how even the smallest countries are designing their stamps. Because they consider them as ambassadors of the country. Probably our department of Post too considers the stamps as our true ambassadors reflecting our real condition. That is why they are what they are. Pathetic at times.
    Now the department of Post should announce the theme of the stamps well in advance and ask for the opinion from the philatelic public about the designing and the subject of the stamp. In the hand of a professional designers even the personalities would appear attractive. In the present case had they announced their intention earlier definitely people would have given a better suggestion. Once the subject and design are fine our stamps would be in great demand all over the world. Do the department of Post can hear or see what we philatelists are telling? …


    2. I wonder if IPS ever acts on responses like this (R. Purushothaman)even if they may be sent directly to the authorities and decision makers at IPS. Haven’t seen its effects ever -if any. In view of the number of new stamps India releases month after month (not to mention at its whims), Mr R.Purushothaman’s concern over 50 stamps on the cinema subject should actually be considered quite fitting (sarcastically) in the sense that worldwide philately considers it a laughing stock. Add to that the zeal with which Indian collectors publish their own such purchases in the form of special cancellations and unlimited number of franked covers makes me laugh about complaints I read elsewhere, especially when there isn’t any co-relation between the issued stamp and the theme selected for a cover. Has any philatelist given a thought in India about what they have been purchasing that’s essentially shear ‘waste of money’ -items that won’t have any reason to appreciate in value, perhaps with few selected exceptions of worthy stamp subjects?
    Hemant V Kulkarni PhD
    Milwaukee WI
    3. India Post also a deserve ” HIGH PRAISE ” for proving its inefficiency publicly in shape of a notification that it is unable to print and supply stamps to Philatelic Bureaus on date of Issue. It is a shame that we consider ourselves as developed country but our planning and actions are still in primitive age. Even small countries like Fiji, Bermuda, Barbados, Malfives, Mauritius plan their stamp issue programme in advance and stick to issue date unlike India Post where issue dates keep on changing.
    Debashis Mitra

    Perhaps even more in mind of each of us …

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