Aland Issued Stamp on 50 Year’s of Aland Art Museum

\"alandThe 50th anniversary of the Aland Art Museum in 2013 is marked with the current stamp issue by Aland Post. The stamp motif was chosen through a public vote between seven pre-selected works of art from the museum collection. Voters were allowed to choose between seven works of art by Henrik Nylund, Guy Frisk, Sigrid Granfelt, Robert Hancock, Hildur Stenback, Ture Bengtz and Johan Scott.

Guy Frisk\’s painting \’Yearning\’ won. This artwork is one of the most popular pieces in the museum collection. The painting makes feel a meditative force that captures the onlooker, enticing him/her to return to it. Painted in oil on panel between 1973 and 1975, the work measures 103 x 120 cm.

The Aland Art Museum is owned and administrated by the Government of Aland. Promoting knowledge about Aland art, stimulating artistic activities and increasing the general interest in the subject field are some of the core operations of the museum.

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