Special Cover: An Opportunity Mostly Wasted Rarely Used

\"specialBy Anil Kr Pujara

Special Covers, a routine feature in India is not that popular in foreign countries. In the year 2012, by a known estimate more than 200 special covers were released with the approval of India Post from all corners of the Country. I doubt whether anyone can claim to have complete information about all the special covers released from all parts of the country. Though it is a good philatelic item at times very helpful in enriching the thematic collection of collectors, is often misused n badly exploited by few with the active connivance of High Echlons of India Post. Main culprit on this score is INDIA POST.There is no uniform policy n if at all there is any policy then it is more abused than used.

There is no common platform where information is made available regarding release of special cover. At times information regarding release of Special Cover is kept a CLOSE GUARDED SECRET that even BUREAU staff including Bureau Incharges is not aware n information is released after the cover is released through media. What a wonderful way to popularize PHILATELY?

No publicity is given to the Special Cover likely to be released by any Circle.\"special

There is no uniform policy regarding pricing of the special. Some circles are releasing at the price of Rs. 10/= which is normally a universally accepted price of a special cover in our country. It is flouted also vert conveniently by few Circles with ease. I can say if Bhubaneswar circle can release a beautiful n probably by all estimates the best n most beautiful special cover on 04.04.2012 on the theme of SOLAR POWER AND FLORICULTURE from SINGHIPUR, Bilaspur can release few covers on the occasion of BILASPEX all at the cost of Rs. 10/=, Hyderabad can also release at the same cost, Mumbai can do it, Delhi can do it then every one wonders why the cost increase many folds at times even 05 n goes up to 10 times in BIHAR.  A special cover was released on 18th Jan from Bihar circle from Shri Harminder  Sahib, Sri Patna Sahib Gurudwara. Even most of the senior philatelists of the area barring one or two (from same family who always flaunt their proximity with INDIA POST high Officials of Patna Circle) were not aware of this development n few protested also but with no effect. The cost of the cover is Rs.50/= No doubt the cover is good, concept is good, design is good but there is scope of improvement. If more philatelists were consulted perhaps it would have added to the beauty of the cover which is of already beautiful. But no it was not done n the whole thing was treated as very top secret perhaps RAW/ CBI must take few tips as to how to keep a secret which should be popularized otherwise. Why the cost is so high? Any justification.

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2 Responses to Special Cover: An Opportunity Mostly Wasted Rarely Used

  1. N.A. Mirza says:

    Mr. Pujara seems right. India Post must be blamed for not pubicising the special covers which do not reach the collectors despite being “good philatelic item at times very helpful in enriching the thematic collection of collectors.” His suggestion to India Post to stricly follow a uniform policy is indeed one of the remedial steps. Such special covers should be made available at the bureaus, distributed to members and then sold to general public. Distributed because members, who are normally serious collectors maintain a balance with the bureaus and the bureas earn interests on the deposits while this extra earning is not received from the general public.
    About pricing too, Mr. Pujara’s comparision is based facts and figures and he rightly quertions as to why should Bihar circle tax the collectors by raising the price of a special cover. Again, a uniform policy must be adhered to.
    Mr. Pujara should not be misunderstood when he says “…there is scope of improvement.” Yes consulting senior philatelists would not improve the quality but will help reach more and more people, even abroad and compete with others. As such we live a competitive world today.

  2. anil kr pujara says:

    With Respect towards all n malice towards none, will the DEAF EARS of India Post ever pay any attention towards all these.Any body’s GUESS. Will the participation of Philatelists increase? Will TRANSPERANCY come in the system? Will the cost of SPECIAL COVER be justifiable n UNIFORM? Will the distribution system improve? Will the collector ever be able to get directly from India Post instead from Mediators ais the case in most of the cases.? WILL THE CAUCUS BE REPLACED WITH PARTICIPATIVE GROUP?

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