New Stamps of Israel: February Issues

Gerberas Stamp Sheet

\"israelThe Gerbera, or Transvaal Daisy, is an ornamental plant belonging to the sunflower family.The Gerbera is extremely popular and is widely used as a decorative garden plant or as cut flowers, which last for a relatively long period of time. In recent years new Gerbera species have been cultivated which are designed to grow in flowerpots Stamps Designers Tuvia Kurtz & Miri Nistor

Water- the source of Life Stamp Sheet

\"israel\”Israel is situated in a water-scarce area, on the edge of a \”desert belt .Israel’s constant and prolonged need to cope with this lack of water has necessitated increased efficiency and led to the development of technologies, professionalism and excellence which have positioned Israel’s water industry at the forefront of technology, serving as a global example of water management, utilization, reuse and developmentDesalinated water currently constitutes some 40% of all water provided to cities and homes in Israel.Stamp Designers Shlomit Ben-Zur & Gustavo Viselner

Israels Customs Stamp Sheet

\"israelThe Israel Customs Directorate is the leading organization in the management of Israel\’s foreign trade. Thus, it plays an important role in Israel\’s economic leverage and in increasing its economic power.The Israel Customs Directorate is a dynamic organization that continues to develop rapidly and effectively in order to improve customs operations. Stamp Designer: Igal Gabay

Hebrew Reali School of Haifa Centennial Stamp Sheet\"israelThe Hebrew Reali School in Haifa, an independent educational institution, is marking its centennial in 2013 Founded in 1913, the school developed along with the Yishuv and the country, pioneering and leading Israeli education.Some 4,000 students currently attend the school, from kindergarten through 12th grade.Stamp Designers: Mali & Momi Alon

50 Years of Arad Stamp Sheet

\"israelArad was founded on November 21, 1962.There are currently some 28,000 residents in Arad, who have come from various countries around the world.Arad is situated along a popular tourist route leading to the area between the Dead Sea and Masada. Stamps Designers Zvika & Zina Roitman

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    Good idea of printing corner papers also.


    Sensible use of margins to spread a message.

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