Valentines Day Greetings

By Anil Kr Pujara\"valentine\"valentine

New Stamps on Valentine’s Day


\"loveAustralia post issued a set of six stamps on  5 February 2013 (Denominations: 5 x 60c, $1.20)to mark the special occasions of 2013. This new stamp issue is designed to update the range of stamp design called for by social mail users.The Love stamp, with its single exquisite rose petal, could be used for a number of special occasions such as St Valentine’s Day, special birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s Day to name just a few.The beautiful green orchid stamp is designed for multipurpose use – appropriate for everyday letters, cards and invitations, significant anniversaries and also messages of “get well” and condolence.

The wedding-themed stamp design lends itself to a number of different wedding styles and themes, as well as engagements and significant anniversaries or celebrations.Australia and globe (available in two colour schemes) and the sprig of eucalyptus leaves are designs that are suitable for everyday use, business or corporate mail.The eucalyptus leaves especially identifies with Australia’s love of the bush, and our flora and fauna.


\"valentineTaiwan Post issued a set of two stamps and a souvenir sheet on 4th February 2013.The motif is a heart-shaped pattern that consists of three roses in full bloom. Every rose constitutes six numbers: 201314, a play on the homonymic relation with the declaration, “my love for you is eternal.”

1. NT$12 stamp: The colorful roses symbolize the sweetness of love.

2. NT$25 stamp: The white roses in reverse type, signifying the sanctity of love.

3. Souvenir sheet (including one NT$12 stamp, and one NT$25 stamp): Two interlocking hearts represent the strong love between lovers, and their commitment to an everlasting union.


\"philippinesPhilippine Postal Service is issuing special stamps to mark Valentine\’s Day.The 2013 Valentine\’s Day stamp features an illustration of a couple in traditional Filipiniana attire holding hands. In the man\’s hands is a bouquet of flowers, while a love letter—with a stamp of course—is in the woman\’s hands.\”Come what may, romance will never be lost to Pinoys.

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    pl write ur comments in English as not understood by me n many

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