World Radio Day :UNPA is Commemorating the Day with Beautiful Stamps

\"unToday is World Radio Day.The United Nations Postal Administration is issuing a set of stamps depicting scenes from the history of the United Nations Radio to commemorate the day. (Stamp rates: 46¢, $ 1.05, F.s. 1.40, F.s. 1.90, € 0.70, € 1.70 )United Nations Radio has come a long way from the 1946 makeshift studios and offices at the United Nations Headquarters in Lake Success, New York, where it transmitted its first call sign: “This is the United\"unpa Nations calling the peoples of the world.”

Amid the rise of new technologies, radio remains the most accessible platform, recognized as a powerful communication tool and a low cost medium in reaching the widest audience in the world. Radio is particularly suited to reaching remote communities and people who may be underprivileged, disabled or without other technological resources. Furthermore, radio continues to play a strong and specific role in emergency communication and disaster relief.

World Radio Day is now observed on 13 February, a date proclaimed by UNESCO, celebrating the day when UN Radio was launched in 1946.  Since its establishment, UN Radio has used its multilingual programmes, carried by media outlets around the globe to tell the story of the international community’s efforts to meet the challenges of building a better world. Raising awareness of its unique value is one of the goals of World Radio Day, which also seeks to improve international cooperation among broadcasters and encourage decision makers to provide access to information through radio.

\"all\"bbc\"\"worldTo commemorate World Radio Day on 13 February 2013, UNPA is issuing six stamps with a special interactive feature. This special feature allows anyone using an iPhone, smart phone or tablet to download and launch the UN Radio app, view the stamps and learn more about UN Radio through a link. This special link unlocks the wonder of UN Radio, offering programming from around the globe, from classic broadcasts to current meetings, briefings and special events.(Source: United Nations Post)

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    good stamps on radio-communication-public awareness.

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