Postal Dept Goofs up while Issuing ISC Centenary Stamp

\"brochure\"Jaipur, Feb 12 (PTI) A city-based philatelist has raked up the issue of the India Post department committing a \”goof up\” while issuing a postal stamp on the occasion of the centenary of Indian Science Congress last month. A brochure, designed by Ahmedabad based National Institute of Design (NID), erroneously states that the 34th session of Indian Science Congress and the \”first session after independence\” was held in Delhi from 3-8 January 1947, seven months before independence. The philatelist, Abhishek Jalan, demanded that the government should take stern action against the person responsible for the \”blunder\”.\"brochure

When contacted, an official of the India Post department said the fact had not been brought to his notice. \”The fact is essentially incorrect but was never noticed. I will now look into the matter,\” Assistant Director General (Philatelic), India Post, V K Singh, said. The Rs-5 stamp celebrates 100 years of the Indian Science Congress with a theme \’Towards Scientific Temper\’. An official from Philatelic bureau in West Bengal said the stamp was released by President Pranab Mukherjee during centenary celebrations of Indian Science Congress in Kolkata on January 3.

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5 Responses to Postal Dept Goofs up while Issuing ISC Centenary Stamp

  1. Dr. Tridha Gajjar says:

    Without understanding the stamp design process, Mr. Abhishek Jalan has blamed Dr. Tridha Gajjar of NID for incorrect information in brochure.
    NID is involved ONLY in design part of stamp, FDC and layout of brochure.
    Text content for the brochure was directly provided by the proponent (client to NID) to Philately department.

    Dr. Tridha Gajjar, NID

  2. Sandeep says:

    Very nice and keen observation by Mr. Jalan, no doubt!!!
    Like other philatelic errors on the part of production, this brochure will also become a ‘rarity’ for the collectors.
    That being said, of course, the printing of stamps and other philatelic material should be taken a bit seriously and cross-checked by the philatelic advisory committee for authencity of information before publication. Otherwise it gives an impression that ‘anything can be printed for a price’.
    Though all Indian citizens are spontaneously expected to have some awareness regarding the political history of the nation, still the defensive reply from NID is ‘natural’.
    In order to obviate, the dirty blame game, the proponent, should publish a corrigendum on this in newspapers, which all collectors can cut and store as a memento, like a public apology to our country.

  3. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    It is a matter of SHAME for the Nation. The date of birth of nation is goofed up. Another BRILLIANCE of India Post n P A C wonderful body on the Earth

  4. K Sridhar says:

    Yes… NID is responsible only for the design part… As clearly mentioned, the text for the brochure was provided by the proponent…

    The proponent is responsible for the erroneous information being published along with India Post…


    There is this Hindi Daily Newspaper called NAVBHARAT TIMES,
    published from New Delhi & owned by the Times of India group.

    And there used be one Mr.Kanodia from Agra.
    At least in the 1970s & 80s HE used to sieve & the shred all
    the info provided in the Folder/Brochure (now Info-Sheet).

    Mind, there may be many more Kanodias in regional vernacular!
    So, better give the IndiaPost the benefit of the doubt & take the
    info provided by the proponent as final.

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