Belgium :New Stamps with Chocolate Taste

\"belgiumChocolate stamps have been launched by the Belgian postal service to celebrate the \"stampcountry’s popular national delicacy. The stamps taste and smell of chocolate, unofficially confirming the country’s status as the finest chocolatiers on the continent. ‘We have added a chocolate taste to the glue of the stamps… which you can taste when you lick it,’ the Belgian postal service said. ‘The stamps are also imbued with the smell. ‘It was not easy to get the scent and flavour of the dark chocolate right. In the end, people from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland all worked on it.‘It is not the first scented stamp … but this time it has been combined with a flavour. The series of five stamps will cost €6.20 (£5.30) and are set to go on sale in time for Easter on March 25.

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