Mahamaham Festival:The KumbhMela of Tamilnadu

\"mahamaham\"By  N Ragupaty from Nagapattianam and M.Gulrez

Mahamaham festival, celebrated once in 12 years at Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, is similar to the KumbMela held at Allahabad.This festival is held on the auspicious occasion when the sun enters Kumbh Rashi and Guru Reaches in  Sinha rashi and holy star (Maham in Rishabh lagan on a full moon day .

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2 Responses to Mahamaham Festival:The KumbhMela of Tamilnadu

  1. N.RAGUPATHY says:

    Very good special cover. Having equal to Allahabad Kumbhamela
    in Tamilnadu. Laks of people will participate and have holy dips.

  2. N.RAGUPATHY says:

    A verygood special cover.Equal to allahabad kumbhamela
    held in the name of Mahamagam in Tamilnadu. Lakhs of
    people will have holy dips on that day.

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