Italy Issued Stamp on Fano Carnival

\"fanoItaly issued a regular stamp in the Italian folklore series, dedicated to Fano Carnival. The stamp shows a number of figures in costume related to Fano Carnival, and the \”prendigetto\”, a characteristic container used to catch the sweets thrown from the floats.

Fano Carnival is the oldest one in Italy; the first document which describes the typical festivities of the Carnival in the city goes back to 1347. The \”getto\” (throw) is with no doubts the most important moment of Fano Carnival. Every year hundreds of kilos of sweets and chocolates are showered from allegorical floats during the processions. Another typical element of Fano Carnival is the \”pupo\” or \”vulon\”. It is a papier-mache mask which represents the most important people of the city. The traditional \”Musica Arabita\” band founded in 1923 uses instruments of everyday use (cans, coffeemaker, jugs) to play. The processions of the allegorical floats, traditionally made of papier-mache, end with the \”luminaria\”, a riot of light and color.

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