Latvia:New Stamps on Coats of Arms

\"latviaThese three new stamps as part of series Coats of Arms of Latvian Towns and Municipalities, depicting the coats of arms of Varaklani town and the municipalities of Varkava and Strenci.

LVL 0.35  Stamp features the coat of arms of Varaklani town. The town is located in the western part of Latgale. The coat of arms depicts a fox and three roads. The fox is a symbol of the rich forests and clever people of Varaklani. The three roads stand for three important highways that enter Varaklani from Krustpils, Madona and Rezekne.

LVL 0.60stamp  features the coat of arms of Strenci municipality. Strenci municipality lies in the northeastern part of Latvia and borders the municipalities of Valka, Smiltene, Beverîna and Burtnieki. The blue background of the coat of arms stands for the Gauja River; the four horizontal golden stripes symbolize timber rafting in Gauja, and the three golden diamonds symbolize the railway going through Strenci.

 LVL 0.98 stamp features the coat of arms of Varkava municipality. The municipality lies in the southeastern part of Latvia and borders the municipalities of Livani, Preili and Daugavpils. The coat of arms depicts a bull with golden horns, symbolizing selflessness, generosity and courage, as well as a rose with leaves in the natural colors.

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