My Stamp at Kumbh Mela Post Office

\"kumbhALLAHABAD: In sync with the changing scenario, the postal department is coming up with series of innovative experiments with postage stamps. While scented stamps with fragrances of sandal, rose and jasmine and golden postage stamps in association with Hallmark were issued in the in the past years, now personalised stamps with the name of \”My Stamp\” are being launched by the department, wherein a person can get his photo printed on postage stamps. The scheme was inaugurated by the director, postal services, Krishna Kumar Yadav at the Central Post Office in Kumbh Mela on Friday.

Inaugurating the \”My Stamp\” scheme at Kumbh Mela, Yadav said to avail the facility of \”My Stamp\” a buyer needs to fill up a form and deposit Rs 300 with a photo. A sheet of \”My Stamp\” contains 12 postage stamps. \”In case people don\’t come with the photo, arrangements have been made to get the photo clicked on the spot,\” he said.

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  1. Santanu Panigrahio says:

    I will be in Allahabad on 09.03.2012. Can I avail the facility?

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