Danmark Issued Stamps on Fish

\"danmarkDanmark has issued stamps on fish. The stamps feature a silvery herring, a cod, a flounder and an eel.

The silvery herring has soft fins and is covered with large scales, which have a tendency to fall off quite easily. Herring are dark on top and light underneath. Herring is one of Denmark\’s most important edible fish. Salted herring, marinated herring, pickled herring and smoked herring are popular Danish dishes.

The elongated body with three dorsal fins, overbite and bright lateral line make the cod relatively easy to recognize. Cod is actually in season all year round in Denmark, despite old myths about it being at its best in the winter months. Cod is a lean fish with white and juicy flesh. It has many uses. If you don\’t like boiled cod, you might enjoy it steamed, fried, grilled, smoked, dried or salted.

The flounder is a dextral flatfish, i.e. both its eyes are on the right side of its body. However, they vary enormously, and about a third of them actually have both eyes on the left. The flounder is a highly edible fish but has a somewhat special flavour that makes a lot of people prefer plaice. The quality is highest in August, September and October, when the fish are at their most fleshy.

The eel\’s snake-like body has engendered a degree of fear ever since ancient times, and in some countries it is even thought to be poisonous. It is, however, a popular and much valued part of Danish cuisine, easy to cook – fried, boiled or smoked. A number of regional dishes, such as eel curry and eel soup, testify to the fact that it used to be common for eel to be sourced locally for household consumption. Eels are active at night, when they hunt prey such as small fish, mussels, frogs, snails and insect larvae.

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