2013 Additional Value Stamp: Better Child life in Greenland

\"greenlandThrough the years many charitable organizations or cultural institutions in Greenland have received a much needed economic helping hand from POST Greenland. This is often done through donation of the profits from the sale of the annual additional value stamp which is issued by POST Greenland.

The organization “Meeqqat Inuunerissut – Bedre Børneliv” (Better Child life), shortened to MIBB, do an outstanding job for the rights of children in Greenland. MIBB bases itself on the UN Convention on the Rights of Children with universal rights for all children. MIBB is, therefore, a worthy recipient of the profits from the additional value stamps in 2013.

Customarily, the additional charge is DKK 0.50 per sold stamp. The total additional charge will go in full to MIBB, when the additional value stamp has it’s final sale in about 1½ years.POST Greenland hopes that as many people as possible will support the good cause and buy the additional value stamp.

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