New Stamps of San Marino

1700th Anniversary of the Edict of Milan

\"sanThe souvenir sheet shows a plan of Milan on the background, while the Forma Urbis of Milan at the age of the Edict is depicted with a different colour. The stamp on the left portrays two figures on the throne, taken from the bas-relief of the portal of the Dome of Milan, and represents those who emanated the Edict: Constantine on the left and Licinio on the right. On the stamp on the right the portrait of the emperor taken from a medallion found near Salonica and held in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Wien. Behind the medal the map of Europe shows Mediolanum and the volute of a parchment, referring to the drafting of the Edict, with the symbol of the Chrismon of Constantine.Issue date: 13th February 2013 Values: a souvenir sheet with 2 values of  € 2,50 Print run:70.000 souvenir sheets Printing: four colours offset by Cartor Security Printing with fluorescent ink as safety device Perforation: 13×13 ¼ Souvenir sheet size: 150×78 mm Stamp size: 40×30 mm Designer: Chiara Principe

20th anniversary of World Symposium about Unidentified Flying Objects

\"sanThe image of the stamp designed by Fabio Ferrini reminds at cinematographic masterpieces like \”Alien\” or \”Close Encounters of the Third Kind\” by Steven Spielberg. A dawn, the sun and the first rays brush the leaves of the trees in the foreground, while the Third Tower called Montale is on the left. The protagonist of the stamp is the image of an UFO, the Anglo-Saxon acronym for Unidentified Flying Objects, used by the U.S. Air Force in 1947. The AASFN issues a stamp that celebrates the 20th anniversary of World Symposium about Unidentified Flying Objects in San Marino, organized by Roberto Pinotti, that will be held between January and March at the Teatro Titano in the Historic Centre of the Republic of San Marino, an event that attracts experts from every country.Issue date: 13th February 2013 Values: a value of € 0,85 in sheets of 20 stamps Print run: 70.000 stamps Printing: four colours offset by Cartor Security Printing with fluorescent ink as safety device Perforation: 13×13 ¼ Stamp size: 40x30mm Designer: Fabio Ferrini

Nordic Ski World Championships in Val di Fiemme

 Stefania Saragoni designed a souvenir sheet with stylized images of ski boots and skis, that\"san stand out against the whiteness of the snow. The set offers a symbolical anticipation of the competitions of this edition: Nordic combined, ski jumping and cross-country skiing. Issue date: 13th February 2013 Values: a souvenir sheet with 3 values of € 0,85-1,74-2,64 Print run: 70.000 souvenir sheets Printing: four colours offset + fluorescent yellow  by Cartor Security Printing with fluorescent ink as safety device.Perforation: 13×13 ¼Souvenir sheet size: 185×143 mm Stamp size: 38,5×56 mm Designer: Stefania Saragoni

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