New Stamps of Greenland

Greenland  issued 8 stamps on various themes on 14th January 2013.This issue includes eight stamps, one souvenir sheet, one stamp booklet, one souvenir folder and two mini sheets.\"greenland

Additional Value, MIBB

It is for the benefit of Meeqqat Inuunerissut / Bedre Børneliv (Better child life). The stamp has been drawn by Nikolaj A. Olsvig and  issued in the formats of a complete sheet and a souvenir sheet.

 Minedrift IV

On the same date two new stamps in the series about the history of Greenlandic mining  issued with beautiful designs created by Ina Rosing. This is the fourth issue of the series and, as in the preceding years, the mining-stamps are exclusively issued in self-adhesive format.


This year’s two stamps in the EUROPA-series are issued under the theme “Modern Postal Vehicles” and the cartoon writer Christian Fleischer Rex has designed the stamp images.

Moderne Kunst VII

The issue on January 14 is completed with three stamps in the series ”Contemporary Greenlandic Art”. Isle Hessner, Niels “Mo” Motzfeldt and Kristian Olsen Aaju are the artists who have created the three stamp designs. As always, the art-stamps are issued in both complete sheets and in a beautiful souvenir folder.

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