Hong Kong:Stamps on 150th Anniversary of Stamp Issuance

\"hongkongTo mark the 150th anniversary of stamp issuance in Hong Kong this year, Hongkong Post issues a set of six commemorative stamps and a stamp sheetlet adopting a \”stamp-on-stamp\” design, modeled on the first set of stamps issued in Hong Kong, with each featuring one of the first seven stamps alongside a writing instrument from an era in history or an electronic data carrier device widely used nowadays. The contrast between the past and the present highlights the progression of time and the unfading charm of stamps.As early as 1841 when Hong Kong became a free trading port, a postal bureau was established locally to handle mail items for the British Army and postal matters for the public. In its early days, the Post Office (now also known as Hongkong Post) did not issue stamps but focused on postal service, and mail items were postmarked as a proof of postage payment. It has been one and a half centuries since the release of the first set of stamps on 8 December 1862 when Hong Kong was under British rule. The stamps came in a set of seven and featured Queen Victoria in profile.

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