India:Greeting Post Envelopes

\"greetingBy R.K.Mishra

Greeting Post comprises of a card with envelop with pre-printed postage stamp& imprinted denomination of Rs 3/-upon envelope. The stamp which is a replica of the design of the cards. The cards and envelope printed in two sizes -105×165 and 120×185 mm.The first series was launched on 06.09.2000.The selling cost of small card was Rs12/- and medium of Rs15/- each. The themes were Dipawali & Seasons Greeting. In July 2001 the cost of envelope is increased to Rs4/- and Birth Day-Thanking You – Christmas-Happy New Year and Vijaya Dashmi thematic were brought. It was reprinted in August 2001.On\"customized 04.10.2002 the denomination was raised to Rs5/- and the cost of cards revised to Rs14/- and Rs17-.Total147 small& 109 medium cards were issued.

COSTOMISED GREETING POST ENVELOPES-India Post launched these cards for corporate clients allow them to bring Greetings cards in their own design of stamp over envelop duly imprinted –pre-paid and the card in Jan. 2002 and July

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2 Responses to India:Greeting Post Envelopes


    Thanks for the info regarding printed Greeting-Cards from India
    Post. Any idea if they were a commercial success too?
    Or,discontinued: as IndiaPost cannot be seen to be able to manage
    such items on a National Scale!
    A case in point is Speed-Post & Rakhi envelopes in Tyvek- liked by
    users & quite in-demand but still hardly seen. And, never available
    when demanded.

  2. R.K.MISHRA says:

    The series came on 6/9/2000.-1.12.2000,-2/1/2001. costing Rs-3/-Juuly2001August2001Sept.2001 Rs-4/-4/10/2002 lastly in Dec.2003. Rs5/,the cost of envelop + cost of greetings-15/The designs were made by reputed artists like NID and Dipak Roy of Clcutta.The last series of Dec. 2003 are the Paintings,CircaAD1750 of Kota,Kishangarh,Unira,Bundi,Mugal,Awadh and Kangra some based over Rag of Ragmala Paintings of India.
    Philatelics did not perceive there importance the power of expression
    in using it in their theme tics,there was no demand ,in Varanasi G.P.O. Treasury thy are rotting. Dear Garg, I am happy i know you eagerness of knowing the the subjects in depth.

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