First Special Cover of 2013

\"calicutBy Anil Kr Pujara

1st Special cover of the year 2013 is issued by Kerala circle. It is issued to Commemorate the 125th Anniversary of Kozhikode Railway Station. Come 2nd Jan.2013, Kozhikode RAILWAY STATION attains a historic milestone, on completion of 125 years, serving as a true hub and lifeline for the entire population of Malabar. At a public meeting held at Kozhikode on 9th Feb. 1880, resolutions were passed and a memorial drawn up, praying that the Bayport- Kozhikode line be brought into Kozhikode. William Logan’s famed Malabar Manual recaptures the spirit and essence behind the commissioning of this Line and the Kozhikode Station, on 2nd January,1988.

Contemporary Kozhikode Railway Station is proposed to be upgraded to the status of a World Class Railway Station.This Special Cover is numbered as KL-01/2013.

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