Stamps on Year of the Snake

2013 is the year of the Snake, begins on February 10th shortly after the New moon in Aquarius. The Snake is the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. It is the enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the Animals Signs.Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means that your family will not starve.


\"yearThe Macau post adopted the ” Heavenly Stems” calculation method to figure out the five elements in this stamp Lunar year of the snake. This year the snake’s nature from the five elements is “Water Snake”, so it becomes the main character of the five stamps.Date of Issue: 3 January 2013 Denominations: 1.50, 1.50, 1.50, 1.50 and 5.00 patacas


\"yearDate of Issue: 01 January 2013 Denominations: 3 Bhat

France \"france

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