Canada:Stamp on Royal Highland Regiment

\"canadaThe Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada was founded in 1862. The Regiment is still active today.Over the past 150 years, tens of thousands of Canadians have served in this regiment in foreign wars, United Nations peacekeeping and stabilization missions, NATO interventions, and crises at home.The Victoria Cross, the highest military honour bestowed by the Commonwealth, has been awarded to 6 members of the Regiment.Over 1,000 individual operational decorations have been awarded to members of the Regiment.The Regiment’s distinguishing emblem is the Red Hackle.

The stamp depicts and honors the dedication and sacrifice of every single person who has served proudly and bravely for Canada.This tribute to The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada features 4 soldiers and illustrates the evolution of the Regiment’s uniforms.The products in this series were designed by David Sasha, partner at Sputnik Design, and Montréal illustrator Sharif Tarabay, who helped bring these stamps to life.The domestic-rate PERMANENT™ stamp affixed to the OFDC is part of a Canada Post series that salutes 3 regiments celebrating a century and a half of active duty.

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