British Antarctic Territory :New Stamp on HMS Protector

\"britishBritish Antarctic Territory issued a new commemorative stamp dedicated to the legendary HMS Protector. HMS Protector is an impressive and incredibly versatile survey and Ice Patrol Ship. The ship is on loan to the Navy in order to fill the void left by Britain\’s long-serving Antarctic patrol ship, HMS Endurance, following her flooding in late 2008.

Since deploying from Portsmouth on the 17 September 2012, HMS Protector has journeyed steadily south from the UK via St Helena, where were carried out a full programme of hydrographic work during the three-day stop. Protector is bound for Antarctica to spend a second Austral summer surveying the waters around the frozen continent and providing support to scientists. Before her first stint amongst the ice she\’s calling in on Simon\’s Town in South Africa to carry out last-minute maintenance and work to ensure the 5,000-tonne icebreaker is ready for the rigours of Antarctica. Protector will be in Simon\’s Town for around ten days before paying a courtesy visit to Tristan da Cunha, surveying the waters around the island, and then moving on to Antarctica.

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