Japan Issued \”Flower of the Season Fourth Album Series\”

\"japanJapan issued stamps on flowers under  4th of the series and the subject of various flowers that symbolize the four seasons of Japan.This Fourth album is based on the theme of winter flowers.


Camellia japonica flowers refers to the indigenous, many cultivars will be born during the Edo period, is loved by Japanese people since ancient times. Not only admire the flowers and leaves as well, and the real and material, it is useful plants that are also used ash. Longer age, I am also revered as Reiboku of longevity. There are many cultivars that are produced abroad.

(Yamaguchi Prefecture), Tsubakiyama (Aichi), (Osaka) Osaka Castle Park, fabric camellia group Kasayama Hagi (Aomori), (Tokyo) Izu Oshima, Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens Garden Tsubaki Tsubakiyama-Natsudomarihanto attractions: Forest Park (Miyazaki)

Prunus mume

Has been popular as the old flowers herald spring. It is a familiar plant as if it were a traditional Japanese vegetable though, plum is said to have been brought over from China with plants. I know that it is a plant that is familiar from the fact that the Japanese people are sung Manyo, has been widely used to design and heraldic motifs. Many name tree that has passed through the period, as the flowers and trees adorn the Meien.

Interest: Kairakuen (Ibaraki), Bai Ling Ogose (Saitama), (Nara) Baigo Tsukigase, Dazaifu Tenmangu (Fukuoka)

Amur adonis

Severe in the cold, wearing little yellow flowers bloom toward the sunshine Let me feel the approach of spring. Have also been created as flower pots to decorate the New Year celebration. A lot of improved seeds will be born during the Edo Period, garden cultivation is still thriving, (town Okabe, Yorii, Fukaya) is the center of the northwestern part of Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, near the habitat. Have been shipped across the country are made as intercropping of mulberry plantation. Many aliases, such as New Year\’s Day grass (coalbed cancer), Sakujitsu grass (yes new moon), adonis is Kigo New Year.

Interest: Tokiwa park Urakawa (Hokkaido), colony Chichibu (Saitama), the Shiga district Akanuta Matsumoto (Nagano), Kawai village (Gifu), Tokusagamine (Tokusagamine) Yamaguchi (· Shimane Prefecture), Dafeng Town, Kochi Prefecture ()


Is one of the plants that are the most popular flowers that decorate the winter. Because the song is sung, is still fresh in memory as well as flowers predominate. Across Europe from the place of origin of the Mediterranean coast, has been improved as a garden species. Lovers are as colorful flower pot with a flower. You can also enjoy in the alley as well as an indoor plant.

Interest: Musashi National Forest hills in Saitama Prefecture, Kyoto Botanical Garden (Kyoto)

Christmas rose

Western flower while being, that hue, a moderate figure Utsumuki flower is a flower is felt-like atmosphere of the plant was born in Japan. Called \”Hatsuyukiokoshi\” a Japanese name, it is one of the best flowers to tell me the spring. It is very easy to cultivate flowers, planted in the alley, are enjoyed even potted. From the fact that bloom in December, were offerings to the church, place of origin in Europe this name has been given.

Interest: Michinoku Lakeside National Government Park (Miyagi), Mito Botanical Park (Ibaraki), Takasaki Christmas Rose Garden (Gunma), National Park Manno Sanuki (Kagawa)

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