Special Cover Released without India Post Logo

\"special\"splBy Anil Kr Pujara

A Special Cover was released on 05.12.12 by Karnataka Circle to celebrate 100 years in the Pilgrimage of PRAXIS  of Student Christian Movement Of India.. Though this Special Cover was released by Karnataka Circle and bears the Serial Number also but does not have the image of Logo of India Post.Another innocent mistake or result of Ignorance or Blunder?

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8 Responses to Special Cover Released without India Post Logo

  1. sreejesh says:

    This cover does not released by Karnataka Postal Circle, it is purely a private cover. without knowing the facts don’t bluff.

  2. Just read the noting on the back of the cover which clearly states ISSUED BY KARNATAKA POSTAL CIRCLE N SOLD BY BANGLORE BUREAU OFFICIALLY. Before commenting first facts be verified.

    • sreejesh says:

      This cover was prepaed by Lion Ajay. Totally a private cover. with half knowledge don’t bluff. Karnataka Postal circle does not given any permission for this cover.


    India Post logo going the ISI & the Agmark labels way?
    The proof of pudding is in the eating.
    Personally, I do not much like Special Covers, but If I liked the
    above item from Bangalore Bureau I would go for it even
    without the logo.

  4. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    Sunil ji I agree with you that the taste of pudding is in eating. But certain mandatory stipulations/requirements which must be fulfilled to give it the authentic/ official look.


    Very right pujarajee, had some something of the sort happened to
    a postage stamp issue, that stamp would have become very famous
    or rather very popular by now. Perhaps, a perfect candidate for
    a statutory withdrawal, I suppose.

  6. sreejesh says:

    Only the cancellation approved by the Karnataka Postal Circle.

  7. anil kr pujara says:

    Dear Aayush Ji, If that be so, in that case the description is incomplete n misleading. In fact two more covers were released by Lions ClubBanguluru n in that case also Post Mark were approved by Postal Authorities n they were specifically told as Private Covers only. Why is this sold as Official cover. Those two covers do not mention issued by Karnataka Postal Circle.

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