\"\"By-Dr. Pradeep Jain

\"\"Acquired Immunodeciency Syndrome(AIDS) is a disease of human immune system caused by HIV. It was first detected in1980.This virus after entering the human body gradually weakes body immune system and make it vulnerable to opportunistic infections and ultimately develope group of diseases.

AIDS is transmitted through body fluids like blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk.Thus its spread can occur by sexual contacts,blood transfusion,contaminated syringes,mother to baby and other modes of exposure of body fluids.These persons may complaint of fever,weight loss,uncontrolled diarhoea,repeatedfungal infections,repeated tuberculosis,some malignancies and gland enlargement etc.

\"\"AIDS has involved whole world. In India alone more than six million people are affected by HIV leading to dangerous impact on social life and economy of our country.

To prevent this disease safe sex,avoidance of unnatural sex,use of disposable syringes and blood donation from healthy donors and avoid pregnancy in HIV infected females are must.Nowadays few antiviral drugs are also effective in initial stages.

\"\"Along with this social awareness about disease,education and availability of its
knowledge is very necessary.In our country to control this endemic central govt. has formed a body named NACO(National AIDS control organisation).It has taken measures to ensure that people living with HIV has equal access to quality health services and is committed to contain the spread of HIV in India.As till today neighter proper treatment nor vaccines are available so the only means left is \”KNOW AIDS NO AIDS\”


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