India Isreal joint Issue:Perforation Shifted in Sheetlet

\"\"By Anil Kr Pujara

Recently India released in the sheetlet form also INDIA-ISREAL JOINT ISSUE. One of the sheetlets that received had major perforation shift on the left side of the vertical strip of all five stamps making the strip vertically IMPERF.The front n back side of the sheetlet is put up for virtual n visual delight of one and all.

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2 Responses to India Isreal joint Issue:Perforation Shifted in Sheetlet

  1. N.A. Mirza says:

    I must appreciate your observation and informing the PhilaMirror about this Pujara Saheb. Does this error appear on all the sheetlet or just on some? If on some then the one who has this is lucky and you being one of the lucky person.

  2. Sir, I have not come across any other collector who has this type of error. If any one else is having n scared of sharing then no comments n not to my knowledge. Incidently I have received another variety of this sheet let also which I shall share in days to come.

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