Russia:Stamp on 400th Anniversary of the Restoration of Russian State Unity

\"\"Russia issued a stamp on  400th anniversary of unity restoration in the Russian state. In the momentous 1612 Russian people by all his will kept the state from the final and irreversible collapse. This troubled time entered in history as an example of unity. The formation of the Russian nation in its geographical boundaries, the revival of the Russian state power and the emergence of greatest heroes are associated with those events. Appeal of Patriarch Hermogenes pushed his compatriots on defense of the faith and Fatherland, the citizen Minin and the Prince Pozharsky led the militia and liberated Moscow from invaders. The block illustrates Kozma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, Patriarch Hermogenes, the image of the coat of arms 1612-1620 and Our Lady of Kazan on the background of the Moscow Kremlin\’s old panorama.

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