Slovakia:New Stamps on Low Tatras National Park

\"\"The Slovak Post has issued two stamps dedicated to the nature protection in the Tatras National park, Slovakia. The stamps illustrate Alpine Azalea and Saxifraga.Alpina Azalea is an Arctic-alpine species found in cold parts of North America, northern Asia and Europe and it got to the southern parts of Europe (Pyrenees, Alps, Carpathians, the north part of the Balkan Peninsula) in the Ice Age. It was able to find proper conditions and to survive until now. This plant is found only in three locations in Slovakia nowadays. Two of these locations are in the Low Tatras National Park and therefore it became a subject of stamp issue connected with this area.

Saxifraga genus contains about 440 species and these are spread in mountains of the Northern Hemisphere. The Latin word Saxifraga comes from Latin words saxum what means \”rock\” and fragus what means \”to break\”. The Slovak name \”Lomikamen\” then literally means \”stone-breaker\”. The Saxifrage species e is spread in the Alps and the West Carpathians. In the Carpathians we can find it only in one area that is part of Slovakia, in NAPANT (Low Tatras National Park).

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