Liechtenstein: Butterflies IV Provisional Stamp Issue

\"\"The self-adhesive \”Butterflies\” stamps, which Philatelie Liechtenstein has already issued with diverse face designs and at different face values, are an especially popular series. The \”Orange Tip\” stamp which appeared in June 2011 was originally assigned the value CHF 5.00 for registered letters. Since then Swiss Post has raised the charge for such letters by one franc. To meet the rapidly increasing demand for self-adhesive stamps with  the new face value of CHF 6.00 as quickly as possible Philatelie Liechtenstein is after many years again using the method of \”overprinting\”.  In this procedure, once common practice, the stamp\’s original value is mechanically overprinted with the new value. Since 3rd September 2012 the existing \”Orange Tip\” stamp (face value CHF 5.00) has been available only in the series for the year. Stamps already dispensed remain valid for postal use however.

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