Glory of Pre Independence Postcards of India (8) – Queen Victoria International Postcard

\"\"Sudhir Jain.

In India, first Post Card was issued in the year 1879 and that was Quarter Anna Queen Victoria. In the same year first International Post Card was also issued in India. It was Queen Victoria and value was one and a half Anna. Size was 121 X 86 cm and it was printed in blue ink. Here one such first Indian International Post Card is exhibited in mint condition.

\"\"In the year 1892, postal rate for International Post Card was reduced from one and half Anna to one Anna. Therefore ONE ANNA was over printed in black ink on the above Queen Victoria International Post Cards of one and half Anna to cover reduced rate. One such used Post Card is exhibited here. It was posted on 2nd July 1894 from Hyderabad (Deccan, India) to Hamburg (Germany). This Post Card bears five cancellations. First is on the stamp which is of the originating Post Office Hyderabad dated 2 JL. 94. From Hyderabad it was sent to Bombay and second cancellation is of Bombay dated JL. 4 94 (4th July 1894). Third cancellation is of SEA POST OFFICE dated 6 JL. 94. Fourth cancellation is of HAMBURG SHUTTEL Post Office dated 23.7.94 and last is delevary cancellation of HAMBURG dated 23/7 94 (23rd July 1894).

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