Story of Special Cover’s on 25 Years of Speed Post (23):Karnataka

\"\"By Anil Kr Pujara

The last Southern State of South India to be covered in this journey in Phila Mirror is Karnataka. There are total 4 Philatelic Bureaus in Karnataka. These are Banguluru, Mysore, Manglore and Belgaon. The selection of stamp by Manglore Bureaur baffled me. Air force plane that too one of the stamps from the set of Stamps from President Fleet Review is totally unconnected to the theme and subject. It reflects the casual and careless approach towards Philately.

\"\"Any way my concern and interest was to collect the cancelled cover from Manglore Bureau. I succeeded in doing so and it gave me a great sense of satisfaction. I could complete it and gave me an opportunity to share with all of you the happy news that I could collect Speed Post- Special Cover from all the 68 Bureaus that includes 2 CBPO Bureaus too. In my next post, I shall share the images of CBPO covers followed by North East which has 6 Bureaus though it is called Land of Seven Sisters.

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