South Georgia:New Stamps on Mountains

\"\"By Caradoc Jones

The Allardyce Range:Sir William Lamond Allardyce (1861 – 1930) – £1.00 stamp was a good-hearted man who bore his gubernatorial responsibilities with foresight and success. The peaks that bear his name witness a determined soul who resolutely ascended the career ladder of pan-global colonial administration.  This began as an 18 year old with a twenty-five year apprenticeship in Fiji prior to becoming Governor of the Falkland Islands  (1904 – 1915) and its \’Dependencies\’, which then included South Georgia. He was subsequently the Governor of the Bahamas (1915-1920), Tasmania (1920-1922) and finallyNewfoundland (1922-1928). A career indeed upon which it may justifiably be said the sun never set. His period of office in the South Atlantic outposts included the crucial assertion of authority over South Georgia and a pivotal role during theBattle of the Falkland Islands in the First World War. His prescient understanding of the need for rational exploitation of natural resources and careful stewardship of the environment is now being enacted with the resources and management finally befitting a man who was ahead of his time.Mount Paget:Mount Paget at 2934 metres – £1.00 stamp is the highest summit on the island and stands head and shoulders above the three nearest contenders: Nordenskjold, Carse and Sugartop. This imperious peak is named after Sir Alfred Wyndham Paget, RN (1852 – 1918) who commanded the Squadron from which HMS Sappho was detached to visit South Georgia in 1906, under the command of Captain Hodges. Thus it was fitting a Royal Navy officer, Commander M.K. Burley, led the 1964/5 Joint Services expedition that succeeded on their second attempt to make the first ascent of the mountain.

Mount Carse:Mount Carse (2331m) – 75p stamp, the third highest summit of the island, is named after the explorer and broadcaster Duncan Carse (1913 – 2004) – 75 p stamp.  As an explorer Carse was both tenacious and indefatigable, characteristics which enabled him to succeed in the herculean task of mapping South Georgia.  The superb map produced by his unofficial team served sailors, scientists, climbers and soldiers for nearly 50 years. With the glacial recession wrought by global climate change, only the advent of satellite technology allowed its replacement.

 Stenhouse Peak:At 525m high, Stenhouse Peak – 65 p stamp is a rather smaller mountain. Found a mile to the west of Maiviken on the edge ofCumberland Bay, it is named after another larger than life character, Joseph Russell Stenhouse (1887 – 1941) – 65 p stamp.

The two halves of the Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition were destined never to meet. The Aurora, unlike the Endurance, did escape to open water and was nursed the 1000 miles back to New Zealand by Stenhouse.  He then served with distinction in the First World War.  Stenhouse later returned to Antarctic waters as Captain of Scott\’s old ship, RRS Discovery, which was engaged in oceanographic and whaling research.  He entered active service for the second time with the outbreak of the Second World War, again serving with distinction until killed in the explosion and sinking of his ship in the Red Sea.

Technical Details Photographs:

Stenhouse Peak                                 Samantha Crimmin

Mt. Carse                                             Stephen Venables

Paget/Allardyce                                Martin Collins

Cdr. Stenhouse                                  Courtesy of Dix Noonan Webb

Verner Duncan Carse                     Scott Polar Research Institute

Governor Allardyce                         Jane Cameron National Archives

Designer                                              Andrew Robinson

Printer                                                  BDT International Security Printing

Process                                                Stochastic lithography

Perforation                                         14 per 2cms

Stamp size                                          28.45 x 42.58mm

Sheet Layout                                      10 (5 se-tenant pairs)

Release date                                       11 December, 2012

Production Co-ordination             Creative Direction (Worldwide) Ltd

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