India-Israel Joint Stamp Issue

\"\"India and Israel today issued two commemorative stamps to mark 20 years of diplomatic relations as a sign of cooperation between the countries.India issued 2 stamps,FDC and a Sheetlet (100 Rs. 20 Stamps).Theme of the stamps is \”Festival of Lights\” Israel\’s stamp features the menorah with the word \”Zion\” inscribed inside a magen david star, and India\’s shows a row of lamps, representing the Indian holiday of Deepavali.The menorah featured on the stamp was inspired by the wooden menorah used by the Jewish community in Bombay, India. Israel’s limited editions stamps will be in circulation in India by December.

\"\"Themed on the \”festival of lights\”, one stamp depicts the Jewish festival of Hannukah with a row of candles. The other, depicting the Hindu festival of Diwali, features diyas. The two stamps will also be available in Israel later this year. They have been designed by Indian artist Alka Sharma and Israeli artist Ronen Goldberg. 

Israel and India established full diplomatic relations in 1992. Israel opened its embassy in New Delhi in February, although it operated at a somewhat limited capacity.The friendly ties between these two countries have flourished ever since and currently include agricultural cooperation, joint scientific and technological development, water management collaboration, thriving trade and more.

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5 Responses to India-Israel Joint Stamp Issue

  1. Too good stamps. Visual Delight.


    The Menorah depicted on the stamp is not what you get to see in
    the books & other sources on Jewish Religion. Welcome Israeli
    openness in approving the use of a Menorah from India in place of
    the traditional menorah used everywhere else.
    I find the traditional menorah such a timeless & beautiful design,
    if one can say that.

  3. N.A. Mirza says:

    Garg Saheb:
    I would appreciate if you kindly give some details on the Menorah depicted on the stamp.
    Anil Kumar Pujara Saheb has rightly described the joint issue as “visual delight”.
    Through these joint issues, the countries highlight the flourishing ties, stress on cooperation; joint scientific and technological developments; water management collaboration; thriving trade; eternal and shared values; literature; cultural bonds; folklores and more. Through these joint issues efforts are put in to make bold strides and look forward to perennial partnerships.
    These issues, which also provide visual attractions, are released by postal departments of two friendly countries to mark an occasion or an event and are characterized by a common design. Apart from the commemoratives, countries also release First Day Covers, souvenir leaf, miniatures and brochures to highlight the event through common features, as Diwali in India and Hanukkah – the festivals of light – in the case of India-Israel Joint Issue.
    Beginning with India-Soviet Friendship issue in 1990, India has released joint issues on:
    India-South Africa Cooperation: Mahatma Gandhi – October 02, 1995
    India-France Joint Issue – November 29, 2003
    India – Korea Joint Issue – December 10, 2003
    India – Iran Joint Issue – August 16, 2004
    India – Cyprus: Joint Issue (Folk Dances) – April 12, 2006
    India – Mongolia: Joint Issue (Arts and Crafts) – September 11, 2006
    India – China: Joint Issue, Buddhist Temples – July 11, 2008
    India – Philippines Joint Issue Miniature Sheet – November 16, 2009
    India – Mexico: Joint Issue Miniature Sheet – December 15, 2010
    But there has been no such joint issue with Saudi Arabia whereas ties between the two countries are centuries-old. With King Abdullah’s visit to India in January 2006, a new era has begun.
    Opening “India and Muslim World in the 21st Century” in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on February 16, Minority Affairs Minister Mr. K. Rahman called upon the Kingdom and other Gulf countries to carry out more investment projects in India making use of growing opportunities in India. This, among others, can be a possible highlight for a Indo-Saudi Joint-Issue, especially when visits of dignitaries from both sides have increased to boost ties further and reap benefits.
    N.A. Mirza


    Mirza Saheb,
    Traditional Hanukkah is a stand with one Candle in the centre &
    4 each to it’s right & the left. No Diyas/Deepaks!

    Search images of Hanukkah on Google, IE etc. & you’ll realize
    what I meant.


    Oops! Sorry.

    Hanukkah should be read as Menorah.

    Hanukkah is the Jewish festival of lights & the Menorah is
    the cluster of candles on a 9-armed stand pointing towards sky.

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