Philatelists of India

Mr. ABHOY BANERJEE interviewed by Abishek Jalan

\"\"Abhoy Banerjee is a prominent stamp collector residing in Jaipur. He was born in Kolkata on 1st Nov 1950. He was brought up in Jaipur as his family moved here and received all his studies during the stay. He did M.A., L.L.M. and Diploma in Dramatics from Rajasthan University. He retired as Enforcement Officer in Employees Provident Fund Organization, Jaipur (under central labour ministry).

When he was merely a student of 8th standard, his school principal asked him to choose a hobby apart from education and sports. He opted for philately and started collecting used stamps from 1962 onwards. He is a keen collector of First Day Covers since childhood. HE joined service in 1974 and started collecting India Mint, Post India and Foreign used country wise. After 1984 he interested\"\" himself in Mint Stamp, FDC, and Miniatures etc from around the world. Till now he had stamps from around 200 countries including India, Bangladesh, Russia, Nepal, Bhutan etc. On an average he have approximately five hundred stamps each of countries like China, USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, Denmark, African & Arabian Countries alike. HE has an outstanding collection of Bangladesh and other SAARC countries.

Even though being a state level Cricketer and Drama Artist his preference went to Philately and collects stamps related to all categories of sports, athletics, cinematography and paintings of prominent artists. Being a nature lover he too collects stamps on fauna and flora. Animals like elephant and tiger and scenery beauty through stamps.

\"\"His view upon philately is that one should collect not mint but used stamps which is although hard job but not monetary gain. Otherwise, stamp collection will become game of multi millionaire but not of philately of good choice. Mint stamps easily bought from GPO’s of own nation and abroad and dealers. Used stamps can be collected only through pen friends which is the sole motto of philately. Making friends of different diversity is possible but foreign trip is not everyone cup of tea. Although this hobby is inward still it increases our general knowledge about flora, fauna, cultural and religion of different countries.

As he have given around 50 years to this hobby, he advises us to keep our stamps with protective manner. To keep knowledge of each stamp we have else motto of stamp collection is finished.

During student time maximum amount spent on stamp was Rs. 100 p/m. During service he spent around 2000 Rs. p/m. He asks us to select limited theme and complete them and then only jump to other as this hobby is endless. His favourite stamp is 1948 10 Rs. Gandhi.

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5 Responses to Philatelists of India

  1. SHIV GARG says:

    There are many prominent philatelists in the country. Please invite toppers to demonstrate prize winning exhibits, motivate the juniors, demonstrate how to build a philatelic exhibit, Dos and D’nts of the philatelic exhibit.


  2. Dinu says:

    Dear Mr.garg,
    Not all are philatelist. Some are just 420 as per IPC and 419 as per Nigerian law. I have a case I hand and I intend to pursue it
    Legally. Brief description below. I have warned for the last consequence.
    If the way is not mend I shall come up with all proof in this forum to let the reader decide …. If they way is mend then … Future to tell. Surely legal notice will be served. Read on for new breed of philatelist, who comments ha ha ! You.. By SMS. I need to have the contact number of Mr. Pujaraji to discus something with him.

    I have come across a new breed of one Philatelist who are like the 419 scammer of “You have won millions of dollars in xxxx lottery type”

    Being suspicious of the behaviour of so called Gentleman (as I am a scam baiter too – google scam baiter in case you do not know the meaning) I started to keep electronic record of our communication.

    Result is interesting, which I got to know yesterday and today and I am making a write up (will take at least 2 months) – my view is this type of character should be exposed in Public such that they become infficient in carrying out the trade else where.

    About these gentleman , I have given a indirect prewarning in one of my comment to one blog in this website (sorry , I thought it will be possible for me to track all my comments later and hence did not keep record – might be editor can help – key words can be Dinu + Lion + In +Sheep+skin or be+cautious+while+dealing+over+internet+Dinu)

    I hope when I expose that will be published here.

    be cautious sirs be extremely cautious while dealing with someone.

  3. SHIV GARG says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have gone through your post many a times but fail to get what you said in your post. Dear friend be frank in your views if you see or feel something wrong. You may be compelled to bear the sufferings by fellow philatelists and all your comments may not be posted here also. In such circumstances you should send your voice to fellow collectors by private email with a request to forward that to other philatelists. This way we can make a chain and a big gathering also.
    Please do write to me the details and i will make it public.

  4. R K MISHRA says:

    Dear Sri Dinu jee,
    The ex-poser of this type of people in grab of philatelists and their modus
    oprendi ,if brought out it will be great servic to philatelic world. Daley
    may damage some more innocent and budding philatelist.Regards.

  5. anil kr pujara says:

    My no is 08987263093 n 09304003679. Anil kr Pujara

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