Story of Special Cover’s on 25 Year’s of Speed Post (21):Tamilnadu and Pudducherry

\"\"By Anil Kr Pujara

Under Chennai Postal Circle, there are 5 Bureaus. Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichurapalli and Pudducherry(Pondicherry). Getting this Special Cover cancelled from all the five Bureaus of Chennai Circle was not a problem and not adventurous experience as no new experience could be gained by me at-least.\"\"

Though all were not as lucky as I was in this regard. I was told by my lot of Philatelic friends the ordeal that they had to undergo in getting this cover from different Bureaus of  Tamilnadu. Of course, I got something new and different from Pudducherry Bureau courtesy my Philatelic friend from pudducherry. I shall share this with all of You when I finish my journey of whole India including CBPO-1 and CBPO-2 which I could complete and have completed successfully. \"\"

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One Response to Story of Special Cover’s on 25 Year’s of Speed Post (21):Tamilnadu and Pudducherry


    Can’t anything be done about the quality of black ink used by IndiaPost?
    This impure ink to begin with appears to have been diluted to the max.
    Some wonder cancellations are still legible after such manhandling.

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