Malaysia:Errors on Stamps Celebrating Royal Visit

\"\"Errors in spelling and titles were spotted on the series of stamps issued to celebrate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge\’s royal visit to Malaysia in conjunction with Queen Elizabeth II\’s Diamond Jubilee.In a front page report, Kwong Wah Yit Poh said the mistakes might have been the reason why the stamps were not completely available at all post offices on Sept 13, the day of the launch.In an enlarged picture of one of the first-day cover designs, it showed that Queen Elizabeth\’s name was spelt “Elixabeth”.

The report also pointed out that stickers printed with the corrected version of the royal couple\’s titles were found on the stamps.Underneath the stickers were “Royal Visit (Prince William and Kate)”, clearly leaving out the couple\’s royal titles. Avid collectors were disappointed by the errors and the delay.It also reported that the price of the “flawed” stamps increased four-fold on the Internet marketplace .The stamps with the errors fetched an even higher price of up to RM200, four times its face value of RM49.50.(

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