Story of Special Cover’s on 25 Year’s of Speed Post(12):Rajasthan

\"\"By Anil Kr Pujara

Dear friends, in my journey to collect Special Cover released by India Post to commemorate 25years of Speed Post in India, I had skipped the cancellations of State of Rajasthan. It was done not for the reason that I had not received the cancellations from Bureaus of Rajasthan but for the reason that that there was story behind each on cancellation of 4 Bureaus of Rajasthan. Let me start from Jaipur, the cancellation is not properly done, untidy hands had been used, visual effect of the cover reflects clearly the casual attitude of Bureau officials in handling the cover n cancellation. Though the staff at Bureau at Jaipur had been changed twice since Indepex-2011 but there appears to be no remarkable change in the quality of attitude of staff. Except cunningness, arrogance still prevails. This is not my opinion but of many fellow collectors from Jaipur n around. This is unimaginable from a place like Jaipur which occupies prominent place in the field of Philately not only in India but in International field also equally.\"\"

In comparison to Jaipur, Jodhpur cancellation is far far better. The worst case was of Ajmer. My money was returned by the Bureau staff on the plea that outside Rajasthan, no supply will be made n it is not the duty of Bureau to entertain mail orders. I was forced to take the help of one fellow collector from Ajmer who collected the cancellation on my behalf from Ajmer Bureau and then helped me in completing my collection.

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3 Responses to Story of Special Cover’s on 25 Year’s of Speed Post(12):Rajasthan

  1. Hats off to Pujaraji..collecting material from allover the country from all bureaus really a tough job.We are not getting material even from our single post office.If you have done it which we cant dare to imagine then


    The bag of Letter-Box clearing official has hardly anything in it
    these days. Whereas Speed-Post & Registered Parcels are doing
    roaring business as they have gradually become much cheaper
    than private couriers. Job applications through regd. mail have
    gone up hugely too.
    The paradigm at the Post-office has changed beyond recognition.
    We are in the process where Old-type P.Os will morph into a
    Postal Bank that handle our mail-things too!

  3. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    Dear Dr Jain, thanks for the encouragement n compliments. Of course this was a tough job n at several bureaus even I had to provide tha design of cancellation to get catchet prepared out of my collection of cancellations collected from other bureaus. A t some places the response was very much encouraging. On the whole, this was a successful journey full of adventure.

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