Glory of Pre Independence Post Card\’s of India (6):Advertising Through Postcard

By Sudhir Jain

Now a days printing of advertisement on the Post card is very common. But at beginning of the 20th Century also advertisements were printed on the Post Cards. Here I am exhibiting three Post Cards bearing King Edward stamp on which advertisements are printed in vertical lines in the center near the space for address.. All are about hundred years old.

\"\"First Post Card was posted on 17th Nov. 1911 from Saugor City (M.P.) and delivered on 18th Nov. 1911 at Khurai (M.P). This Post Card was bearing advertisement of pain relief ointment in Hindi as “KANTIBAM (REGISTER) SIRDARD AUR SARDI BATKO LAGANEKA UTTAM MALAM KI. SI. 01=) KILA JAVERCHAND CHHIPI CHAL, MUMBAI” (Kanti Bam (Registered) best ointment for using in headache and cold. Price one & half Anna bottle. Kila Javerchand Chhipi Chal, Mumbai.). It may be noticed that at that time also MUMBAI name was used in Hindi for Bombay.\"\"

Second Post Card was posted on 28th Nov. 1911 and bears advertisement of watches in English read as “Roskopf System Waches Rs. 2-8, 3, 3-8, 4, 5 to 9. G. B. Naik & Co., Post O. No. 1. Bombay.”

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