New US Stamp on O Henry

\"\"US Postal Service has released a Forever postage stamp on the occasion of  150th birthday of O Henry.USPS will release 20 million stamps in honor of the writer of \”Gifts of the Magi\” and \”The Ransom of Red Chief.\”The stamp is a part of a literary art series that focuses on prominent literary figures.O. Henry, whose real name was William S. Porter, lived in Austin for 10 years in the late 1800s.Born in 1862 in North Carolina, O. Henry lived in Austin from 1884 to 1895 and worked as a Texas General Land Commission Office drafter and First National Bank of Austin banker. He was convicted of embezzling money in 1898 and spent three years in prison.While in prison, he wrote short stories and acted as the unofficial night pharmacist before being released for good behavior.O. Henry wrote more than 300 short stories before his death in 1910.

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